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Re: get more heat

Huw writes:

> I wanna know too, my coupe doesn't exactly cook me, I wish it had
> "overkill" heat for those cold nights.  everything is pretty much
> replaced/flushed/new recently.  Bigger/better heater core?  That sounds
> like a fun winter project... or is a higher temp thermostat in order? 
> The one I have is just whatever they handed me when I asked for a new
> one.

When my Coupe was new, it had plenty of heat.  I have wondered if any of
the following could be the cause of it's luke warm heat now:

heater core
thermostat (95 C specified? or is it 87?)
heater valve
hose/block blockage
engine running cooler (maybe rich?)
engine running cooler (worn?)

When it was new, it consistantly ran warmer than it does now, or after
the last thermostat replacement.  The radiator fan still switches on at
the same reading on the temperature guage, but it won't get up there if
you are moving at all.

I haven't taken it apart at all to check it out, but if it gets really cold
here I might.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe

Massachusetts, USA