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Audi news: A6 4.2 quattro

Hi all,

The news is in: the new A6 V8 has been introduced!

The engine is the new 5-valve 4.2 V8 with 300 hp, 400 Nm @ 3000, Tiptronic
and AWD as standard. Engine management is by Motronic 7.1, and the engine
also features a variable inlet.

Visually, the new A6 V8 is discernible from its lesser brethren by the
modified front grill and bumper (looking very classy IMO) and the wider
8Jx16 wheels with 235/55 tyres are standard, but 17" wheels are optional.

Next summer will bring the S6 with at least 350 hp.

Oh yes- release dates are Europe only.