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Re: 87 4KcsQ Christmas nitemare

In message <41E767F81791D211955D0000F870C3AB5AAB@ND-AASF-B1> "Unterseher, Reed [SSG]" writes:

> Now the bad part. I need the help of the Qlist in a bad way. I'm
> hoping someone will read this and say "that poor sucker! That exactly what
> happened to me!" and then they can tell me what's wrong and how to fix it.
> Here are the symptoms: Very poor idle (sounds like it's missing on the back
> two cyl.) All 5 plugs fowled and wet. At first would slowly come out of
> problem as engine warmed, now will not go faster that 40-45mph regardless of
> temp.

Sounds like a fuel pressure problem - control pressure has gone low.

Needs a gauge attaching to the system.  Seek out a Bosch fuel injection
specialist, rather than an Audi dealer.

> TIA and I hope your Holiday is going better than mine.

Not so far.  The low-life scum that sources his spare parts from my
Passat put in a return appearance and stole all the rear glass

 Phil Payne
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