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re: Cross drilled or slotter rotors?

Christian J. Long said:
>I am looking to buy some new rotors for my A4.

I bought a pair of slotted Brembos from KVR this summer (as well as
performance pads). Been happy with the performance except for cold
temps. Has to be 100deg in order to work properly. But that's a
function of the pads...

I had warped the stock setup on the track! The new combo weathered a
driver's school.

The reason I chose slots over cross drilled was the problems some
people have had with drilled. If the holes were cast into the disks,
I'd accept them. The flow of the metal in cast relieves internal
stresses better.

Something to consider- Carroll Smith (I think?) describes a method
which milling 2 parallel lines across a standard disc with a 1/8 ball
endmill on each side will give the desired gas expelling function.
Its easy and cheap.

Jason Palmer
97 A4 1.8Tq mtm- Brembo slots
88 GTi- 9" factory disks
80 MGB- yer kiddin' right?
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