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Re: "Peanut Plug" plug wires? Recommendations?

> << Arcing wires? Hope you never have a fuel leak! >>
> Arcing and crossfiring wires are pretty common really. Look at your engine
> running in the dark and you're bound to see some stray arcs here and there.
> Never could completely make it go away in my 911s despite the use of grounded
> braid covered wires (o.e.). I would worry much more about the glowing turbo
> and EM than I do plug wahrs when it comes to a fuel leak.


That would not be a good worrying choice.  Gasoline has an ignition point of
853F.  Typical ignition spark temp is 2500F.  Exhaust gas is typically 1300F,
maybe 1600F for a turbo.  I've seen fuel drips evaporate off hot exhaust parts
(not that i'm saying it's good situation), but you'll never see fuel drip on hot
sparks for long.



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