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Re: Buzzing noise from fuel tank

Your fuel pump is on its last legs.  Its letting you know that the time is
coming for a replacement.  Do it soon before it leaves you stranded on the
side of the road somewhere.  I might suggest you leave this task to a
professional.  You have to access the pump through a small access hole on
the top of the fuel tank, inside the trunk.  Its a MAJOR pain in the ass.
To make matters worse, you have to deal with some major fumes in a closed


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Date: Monday, December 28, 1998 11:32 AM
Subject: Buzzing noise from fuel tank

>There is a tremendous buzzzing sound comming from the back end of the car.
>Sounds like the area of the fuel tank.  Does this mean I should replace the
>fuel pump (i.e. is it on it's way out)?  No problems otherwise.  Or, is
>relatively normal?  Seems to quiet down a bit once warmed up.
>90 200tq