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Ur-q 16" Tire Size

I am going to buy the Ur-q a new set of wheels.  I am goiing with the
Compmotive MO's in 16"X8" with I guess a ET of 24MM.  Now I am wondering as to
what size tire to go with.  Perelli offers the P-Zero in 225/45/16 or Dunlop
offers the SP8000 in 225/40/16.  Does anyone have any sugestions as to what
size to go with.  Would love to hear some first hand experience.  The car is
an '84 with the rolled lips.  I considered 17" wheels but I'm not sure if I
really want 17" wheels and the wheels themselves weigh 8lbs more each.  Does
anyone know how much the 15"X8" stock Ronals weigh?  Thanks for the input.

Jim Hahn
'84 Ur-q (15"X8" w/ 225/50/15 right now)
'87 5Ktq (15X7" Fuchs w/215/60/15)