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Re: "Peanut Plug" plug wires? Recommendations?

In message <3428a78a.3689391a@aol.com> MSV96@aol.com writes:

> BINGO! Thank you Orin. Thing is, that even at full length with stock plugs the
> shields don't seem to make all that secure of a connection to the base of the
> plugs. Maybe I have no worries.

The stock plug shields on both my Passat and ur-quattro are _very_ hard
to pull off - #5 takes about all my finger strength.

Found an interesting one on Galvin's 200TQ.  The wire had pulled out,
leaving a gap between the wire and the inner conductor of the plug
shield.  The spark preferred jumping to the shield, and wore a lovely
pinhole through the internal insulation.

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