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Re: 86 CGT Driver side seat heater not working

In message <9071F49823EDD1119D9F00A0C900D2D6181F7B@mail.triadperform.com> "Englert, Rick" writes:

> How can I fix the drivers side seat heater in my 86 Coupe?  I'm sure this
> has been asked before, since I found several references to heated seats not
> working in the archives, but no answers on how to fix them.  I found one
> post in 1995 where somebody said Glen Powell wrote a lengthy article on how
> to fix them way before that time.  Any ideas on keywords I should use to
> find this post in the archives?  Thanks.

I've described this procedure at least twice.   Once was quite recently
on the alt.autos.audi Usenet newsgroup - a search on Dejanews might turn
up the piece.  The other piece I still have in copy form, and it follows
this.  By convention, the hog rings are referred to on the list as "hawg
rings" - I suggest these as keywords both for Alta Vista and the archives.

> I will check the archives on this, but can anyone estimate the pain-level
> and cost involved in repairing the heated seat without assistance from the
> dealer or the shop -- vs. just paying for the element to be replaced?

The seat and backrest elements are in series - both go cold if one
fails.  The first thing to do is find out which has gone.

On the ur-quattro, only one replacement element is called for both seat
and backrest - 443 963 555 S.  Judging by the "44", it's the same for
the 5k models.

The ur-quattro microfiche talks about sliding the new element into place
by pushing it under the seat cover with a ruler.  The last time I stripped
a seat it was to replace the bolster, so I had the whole seat in
component form.  If you _do_ strip the whole seat, you will need to
acquire a pair of hog ring pliers, some hog rings (N 0 152 611 - packs
of 100) and become expert at the "hawg ring lunge".

Basically the seat is held together by "hawg rings".  There are wires
sewn into the underside of the cover, and other wires pushed through
the foam squabs.  You place a hog ring in the jaws of the hog ring
pliers, hook one end of it into the wire on the back of the cover,
hook the wire in the squab in a conventional 'spring puller' type of
tool, pull up on the squab wire and hook it into the other end of
the hog ring.  At this point, the hog ring is still C-shaped.  Then
you squeeze the pliers, closing the hog ring and then winding it round
on itself.  This pulls the whole damn assembly so tight that you can
hardly get the pliers out.

The trim pieces on the side of the seat, BTW, are held in by devilish
devices - clips secured by dowels.  If you look _VERY_ carefully in
good light, you will just make out the flush heads of three dowels.
Push them in to release the push-on clips.  It may be different in a 5k
because the seat doesn't need to hinge like a coupe seat.

 Phil Payne
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