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Re: UR voltmeter reading

My '86 Scirocco and my '84 GTI, both of which have voltmeters, both do this. I
think it's normal... not like they're URQ's or anything...
    '84 GTI
    '86 Scirocco 8v
    '87 QSW

DRoxburgh wrote:

> When I turn the ignition on - before starting no ancillaries on- the car's
> voltmeter reads 8-12, on starting this rises to 12-14. Is this normal? Is
> the battery kaput, and the voltage only being held up when running by the
> alternator?
> Clues please?
> Also I'd like to register my daughter as the youngest lister with her silver
> sport quattro (well mini quattro!!) at 11 months old!