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Re: Cross drilled or slotter rotors? Opinions needed

I have cross drilled and after 40k miles, 2 turn downs, more track days than
I can count, and recently installed Porterfield R compounds they just
started to crack.  Not too shabby if you ask me (which you did not:-).
Several other people I know also have them and none of them have cracks.

One more thing re:powerdiscs.  There is 1 bad thing I can say about them.
They are BUT ugly.  IMNSHO.

Pat Martin
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>I've never heard anything but bad things about the cross-drilled (cracking,
>mostly) and never heard anything but good things about the ATE Powerdiscs.
I'd go
>with them.
>    -Josiah
>    '84 GTI
>    '86 Scirocco 8v
>    '87 QSW
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>RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
>> Hey all, I hope you all got what you wanted from Santa.  I guess Santa
>> couldn't get the TTS down the chimney...so all those letters I wrote to
>> were wasted....
>> I am looking to buy some new rotors for my A4. I wanted to get either
>> drilled or slotted, and wanted to know which is better considering price
>> durability.
>> The cross drilled rotors look much better than the ATE power discs, but
>> about twice as much and may have some durability problems.  I hear the
>> drilled warp easier and may crack.  Eric Fluhr is trying to sell me on
>> ATEs, since he has them on his UrQ and CGT.  He has has no problems with
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