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re:re:Kicking out of 1st gear


Appreciate the response.  The tranny kicks out of 1st every so often
during acceleration .  It seems to do it warm or cold.  I also don't
notice any "funniness" in the gearbox before it kicks out.  There are
only 96,000 miles on the car so I wouldn't expect things to wear out so
soon.  I haven't ever had any work done on the transaxle and I don't
think that the previous owner had either.  The only thing that I do
notice is that the friction point is high in the clutch stroke.  It's
the original clutch, but it isn't slipping.

Since you're in WA and I'm in CA, you obviously can't do the work.  I
was told that a factory rebuilt transaxle is $5,800.  How much would you
charge to rebuild my old one.  Do you know a good mechanic in San Diego,

1990 90Q 20V

Todd Hill wrote:

Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 17:19:38 EST
From: Jwilli941@aol.com
Subject: Re:Michael Jue-Kicking out of 1st gear

 mnjue@earthlink.net writes:

<< I have a 1990 90q 20V manual tranny.  Every so often, 
it violently kicks out of 1st gear and back into neutral. >>

When does this happen?  When you let your foot off the gas
and keep the transaxle in 1st?  When its cold and not fully
warmed up?  Did the gearbox feel 'funny' when you put it
into 1st before it kicked out?  Had the transaxle serviced
recently and then it began this kicking out?

Usually if a transaxle pops out of gear while in 'coast' its 
due to wear on either the slider or engagement teeth of the
gear (or both).  I don't normally see wear like this on a fairly
new car like the '90 but its possible.  

- -Todd Hill
 VolksWerks Transaxles
 Olympia, WA