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Wanted: '87 4k VIN

After a lot of pipe-dreaming about 4k or 4kq ownership, it occurred to
me that I should 
call my insurance agent and see if I have any business even thinking
such thoughts on 
my budget. (I think the answer's yes, but I digress.) For the sake of
discussion I 
asked my agent for rate quotes on an '87 4k and 4kq, on the theory that
this is the 
worst case and rates on older cars should be a bit lower.

The agent was able to give me rough estimates, which she said were on
the pessimistic 
(expensive) side. She went on to say that for more precise estimates,
she would need 
the cars' VIN's. I already have a VIN for an '87 4kq, courtesy of one
of the fine folks on the NW list. Would anyone who has a FWD '87 4k
like to send me your VIN? (off-list, of course) IOW, for the sake of
getting a rate quote, we'll pretend that I'm going to buy your car.