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Re: Buzzing noise from fuel tank

>>From: "Hussey, Dan" <husseyd@rayovac.com>
>>Subject: Buzzing noise from fuel tank
>>There is a tremendous buzzzing sound comming from the back end of the car.
>>Sounds like the area of the fuel tank.  Does this mean I should replace the
>>fuel pump (i.e. is it on it's way out)?  No problems otherwise.  Or, is this
>>relatively normal?  Seems to quiet down a bit once warmed up.
> Change the big filter under the hood. It won't help, but most of our type
> 44s need a new one anyway - but this is classic fuel pump about to die noise.

I believe the current recommended procedure is to pull the FP fuse, 
start the car, and let it peter out to release the pressure, then 
undo various connections, remove old, pour fuel into new filter(I 
seem to recall this is to prevent filter from tearing upon FP coming 
on and ramming fuel into the filter?) and install?

PS:2 audis in the household, both have buzzing pumps.  Neither has 
died yet(but both cars are on the 2nd pump, each had it changed very 
early in the life of the car, 60k or less.)
Brett Dikeman
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