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Re: Mobil 1 - leaks

> On Wed, 30 Dec 1998, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> :|Not around here.  I never have a problem finding the "red cap"
> :|bottles; in fact, the auto parts place was entirely out of the "blue
> :|cap" 5w30 when I helped a friend switch his '90 Acura Legend over to
> :|synthetic(65k on the clock, and so much sludge I could scrape a thick
> :|layer off the inside of the block under the valve cover with my
> :|finger through the filler hole.)
> 	i just put the urq on a diet of red cap.  so far
> 	so good.
> :|PS:Good advice on the motor flush!  That stuff was
> :|terrific...lots-o-crap came out.  I'm planning to use it on the
> :|friend's Acura to clean out the huge sludge buildup....
> 	i missed that advice - please explain!
Phil recommended using stuff called "motor flush", or "flushing oil". 
Various forms.  You add it to the crankcase, run the car at idle for 
5 minutes, and then drain the oil/remove filter.  The flushing 
solution has tons of detergents that dissolve varnish, sludge+carbon 

Not to be done lightly, though; 1-2 people mentioned problems when 
flakes of varnish and such came off and got stuck in important 
places, like the oil jets at the bottom of the engine, starving that 
area of oil.

Brett Dikeman
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