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Re:Xmas presents, was:UR voltmeter reading

Phil Payne wrote:

> > I got a Christmas present from my parents, a T-shirt & sweatshirt with "My
> > other car is an Audi quattro" embroidered on them - I _think_ they were
> > taking the p*ss, but once I restore the 81 it'll be true whichever car I
> > drive. :-)
> I got a better one:
>               "My other car doesn't get driven much"

 Speaking of Xmas presents. My fiancee got me an Audi key ring, the one with
the detachable second ring, and an Audi baseball cap. Direct from the Audi
boutique at a local dealer. Now there's a woman who understands an obsession!
Only problem is, I'm too tall to wear the cap in my car, my head brushes the
headliner as it is.

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