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Re: Shifting Auto Transmissions

Hairy green toads from Mars made Clough, Sam say:

> Does it hurt to shift an automatic transmission "manually?"  Our 95 A6Q has
> a slushbox, at my wife's request, as it is mostly her daily driver.  My
> daily driver is a manual and I enjoy shifting.  I very rarely shift the A6Q
> manually mostly because  I have a fear of downshifting an automatic through
> the gears I guess because I can't match revs with an auto like you can with
> a stick and so you kinda get a jolt if you're spinning a lot of RPMs when
> you shift it down.  In GA we have a fair number of curvy roads.  Even
> driving at moderate speeds, the auto can get annoying because you go through
> a corner in 3rd, accelerate a little, let off the gas for the next corner,
> then the car goes up to 4th.  Of course, now you need 3rd as soon as you're
> in the next corner.  Obviously I like to change the gearbox from D down to
> 3rd to get that downshift before the corner.  So, the question is, before I
> develop this habit, does any manual shifting hurt an slushbox?  I really
> don't want to repair one any time soon.

No problem at all.

I have the same car (but a wagon) and the same transmission.
I routinely shift between 3rd and 4th around town. 1st gets
use when my wife takes the car down our driveway :-)


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