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RE: wacko service writers

My local Discount Tire repairs flats, balances and rotates w/o needing the
receipt.  I made a copy to keep in the car in case they ever ask for it but
they haven't yet (on any car I've taken there).  Rotating the tires is a
good time to check the underneath and the brakes/suspension but sometimes
in the winter, I just can't bring my self to do it.  It's the "Wait till
Spring" mentality, very close relative to "Just hit the Snooze button once
more" mentality...

At 09:25 AM 12/30/1998 ,  Ken Keith was inspired to say:
> For tire rotation, try Discount Tire or America's Tire Store.  They
rotate for 
> free (and do flat repairs free too).  Some say only if you buy the tires 
> there,  but I believe they will do anyone's car, as a goodwill gesture.

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