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Programmable intermittent relay: what's wrong?

I bought two of those programmable relays, 1HM 955 531 B, for my 1993 90
and for my wife's Golf... I've tried both of them on the Audi and was unable
to set the interval with either one: it always swept at 5sec. All the other
"functions" worked fine, though: low & high speed, wash, etc.

If I understand, the correct procedure is to switch on the wipers to
intermittent, let them sweep once, turn off, and then turn back on to
intermittent at the desired interval...

I'm going to try them on the Golf to see if one will work there, but I doubt
it will. There are only six pins, and as far as I can tell, they're all
needed for the basic operations, so I doubt the problem is an
"incompatibility" with the Audi wiring...

Any ideas? Anyone BTDT?

1993 90CS 5spd 72k miles