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4000 MC conversion

Hello everyone - I'm new to the list and relatively new to Audi's, having
purchased my first one only six months ago. Decided to switch over from an
underpowered,  treacherous-in-any-kind-of- inclement-weather BMW, in this
case a somewhat modified 1986 535i that I was fortunate enough to sell here
in Colorado with winter just around the corner. Don't mean to offend any BMW
fans out there - I might still own one if high altitude and snow (or even
rain) were not an issue. 

Am currently preparing an '86 4000cstq for street/track use. Have done most
brake and suspension mods in preparation for a MC engine transplant. Three

1)Anyone have any recommendations for a relatively light 16" wheel for this
car? What is the proper offset for this application? What is the largest
size tire without fender flares? I've already rolled the fender lips. Tire
Rack says 205/45-16 is the largest size, but I believe some have fitted
larger sizes. And by the way, my car has been lowered about 1-1/2 inches. 

2) Anyone had any experience with the 2-piece Audi exhaust manifold or the
Dialynx manifold for the MC engine? Any other more cost-effective way to
improve reliability and better flow? I know the stock manifold is prone to
breaking studs under hard use. Also, is there a downpipe from a different
Audi that might flow better? I believe a TQC downpipe will work.  The
previous owner already installed  a Scorpion exhaust on the car.

3)Anyone have any experience using a different, lighter flywheel for this
conversion? I've been told that the 200 flywheel will work and is
substationally lighter than the 5000 one. Is this from the 10v 200 or the

Thanks for any help.

Gary Kaklikian
'86 5kcstq - TAP chip, dump valve, Fuchs, 80k miles
'86 4kcsq - G60's, ABT suspension, delrin bushings,Scorpion (awaiting MC