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RE: CD Changer for 95 S6/A6


Go to the dealer parts counter.  They will be able to bring up the optional
CD changer (supprised ALL S6's didn't come with this STANDARD) on thier
parts fiche and give you the correct PN's.  

Check also with Eurospec Sport.  I called them last week.  They advertise in
EC.  They have the CD changers for the later model Audis (both the Alpine
and Sony types) in a kit for $250, complete.  They unfortunately don't have
the older RF types (Sony?) for my 200TQ.  

That sounds like a pretty good deal once you find out which one you need.


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> From: 	Geoff Jenkins[SMTP:jenkinsg@pilot.msu.edu]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, December 30, 1998 2:59 PM
> To: 	Henrik Danford-Klein; quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: 	RE: CD Changer for 95 S6/A6
> > I'm interested in getting a CD player for my S6.  I have the Bose
> > stereo, with the Instrument Display (same as my old '94 100S).  For
> > that reason I am thinking I want to go with a standard (Alpine?) unit.
> Standard unit on the S4s and S6s (all of them, AFAIK) is a Sony 10-disc
> changer in the trunk. The 6-disc unit (Alpine) won't work with the S4/6's
> display, I'm told by AoA.
> I don't know offhand which particular Sony is the one, or whether it was
> "Audi-ized". If it's any help, the correct one requires XA-10B cartridges.
> That might narrow it down...
> Geoff
> Plentiful XA-10B's loaded for a trip to NYC...