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Re: 4000 MC conversion

> From: Gary Kaklikian <Gary.Kaklikian@digital.com>
> To: 'Quattro List' <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: 4000 MC conversion
> Date: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 1:10 PM

	Contact Graydon Stuckey (graydon@apollo.kettering.edu) regarding his 3"
turbo-back system, this includes the 3" downpipe or you can purchase the
downpipe as a seperate item.

	As for the manifold, the 2-piece has very good flow.  The Dialynx is know
to, "warp like a wet board", according to Phil Payne

> 2) Anyone had any experience with the 2-piece Audi exhaust manifold or
> Dialynx manifold for the MC engine? Any other more cost-effective way to
> improve reliability and better flow? I know the stock manifold is prone
> breaking studs under hard use. Also, is there a downpipe from a different
> Audi that might flow better? I believe a TQC downpipe will work.  The
> previous owner already installed  a Scorpion exhaust on the car.