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Speedo botcher!

        1) I put the needle back on wrong.  It it supposed to be
pre0-tensioned against the stop?

There should definitely be some tension there. Would a stop be necessary
if there were no tension on the needle?

        2) I did accidently hit the black wheel that is on the side of
speedo unit.  Has a spring wrapped around it and a couple of arms that
grapb the teeth.  I dont know what this does.  Is the calibration thing?

No, as it uncoils it draws closer to a point where it either opens or
closes a circuit to illuminate the check engine light, around 60,000
miles, I think. I ripped the thing off as it seemed to provide enough
resistance to knock out the infamous white odo gear that (*&^(*^*^
everything up.

There's some special tool that speedo shops use to remove the needle
shaft. It's bad to break the thing off and try to reglue it. For the
life of me, I have no idea how that tool works. If I ever have a junked
speedo I _will_ find out!

Ted Harlan