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Re: V8 Wagon?

	i *think* i know this car well.  sort of.

	there's a place behind my office called 
	darwin motors.  cool shop, expanding right
	now.  they specialize in bmw bikes but also
	deal with ducati, moto guzzi, cagiva, brit
	bikes.  noce ones for sale, too.  the 
	expansion they are doing is a showroom for
	corbin's electric car offering - the sparrow.
	basically a three-wheeled motorcycle helmet,
	and of excellent heritage and design.

	anyway i have been interested in these cool
	trikes for a while, and started noting them 
	appearing now and then at darwin.  at the time
	i was also falling for the whole audi thing,
	too.  lo and behold, i see a 5k wagon (grey)
	with a trailer with a sparrow on it a couple
	months ago.  it wasn't a quattro, and i swear
	i saw 5000 on it.  i talked to the guy about
	the sparrow, and also a little about the car.
	he said it's a friends and that it's some
	super rare car.  i thought "it's just a 5000
	wagon" assuming there were a lot of them.  i
	think he said somethign about bringing them 
	over from europe.  it has headlight wipers 
	and euro lights.

	anyway, i see the car once a week if not more,
	and you probably saw them on a run picking up 
	another sparrow for their showroom from corbin's
	factory down in watsonville (i think).  so
	next time i see it i'll talk to the owner and 
	check it out more and report back.  

	small, small world.

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998 IMSA90QGTO@aol.com wrote:

-]Hey all,
-]I saw an audi i never have seen before.  My best diagnosis is a V8 wagon. 
-] The rear lights were red all the way across the back just like the V8 
-]and the Euro looking front end was identical.  There was no model badge 
-]or any quattro badges.  The roof line was curved,  I am sure it wasn't a 
-]200 or S6 wagon.  Anyone know what this was?  BTW I saw it on NB 101 in 
-]Morgan Hill, CA.  It was gold and pulling a trailer with some 3 wheeled 
-]scientific bike on it.  If this person is on the list, I was the guy in 
-]the silver Explorer who kept pacing you!
-]Mike Robinson
-]Santa Clara, CA
-]1998 A4 Quattro 1.8T
-]1988 Audi 90 Quattro 10v
-]170,000 miles
-]2B Coilovers, Scorpion Exhaust, Koni Yellows, K&N, MSW Superturismos w/ 
-]215ZR40 16's, Ate Power disc breaks, & Nokian Snow Tires for going 

 rocky mullin
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