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Audi Corrosion Warranty

I have a 91 200 tq with little rust spots appearing around the bolt holes on
the rear bumper.  I first noticed them about a year ago and figured no
problem.  The Audi corrosion warranty will cover this one.  Well, I got turned
down at the first dealer.  Took it a second and got turned down there too.
Finally insisted that the regional Audi representative look at it and he
turned me down too.  

They all argue that the rust started from the outside and and the warranty
only applies to rust starting on the inside and coming out.  I maintain that
this rust is starting at the edge of the holes and was caused by careless
assembly.  I've seen several other Audi's with this body style that have the
identically same rust pattern.

Has anyone had any luck with getting Audi to cover this corrosion claim?  I'm
considering having the repairs made and then suing them in small claims court.