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Re: H&R Springs

> I called Keith Anderson (Anderson Motorsports in Minnesota).  He does 
> all the work for the Beddor's Quattro Turbo Sports and whatever else 
> they are racing now, and he told me to go with H&R springs for the 90 
> Coupe.  He has this setup on his wife's 4kq.
> Has anyone else used the H&Rs with Turbogas?  How does it work?

I have H&R's with the Boge ProGas' per a sugestion from Kieth.  The rear
Boges are for a S4, so Kieth sent me a set of spacers to make them work
with the 5K.  With the spacer and a little work with a dremel tool,
install was easy. 

So far I really like the setup.

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