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While I have had no problems with that mirror tilt malfunctioning, it does
annoy my wife so she found a way to defeat it.  There are the two little
"buttons" that you can push for either mirror.  You can push the left one
and it will click down and you will operate the left mirror, or you can
click the right one down and operate the right mirror.  If you very lightly
push whichever button is up (the mirror that is not being changed) both
buttons will click into a "medium" setting where each button is equal height
and if you push the direction adjustment neither mirror will move.  I don't
know if that makes sense or not, but at that setting the right mirror does
not adjust down when in reverse, either.  Of course, this is all based on
the assumption that your S4s interior is equal to our 95 A6Q.  I'm assuming
so, but I haven't been in a 92 100CS in a while and have never been in a 92
S4 so I could be totally wrong.

Samuel W. Clough
Invesco Retirement Plan Services