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Re: 100CS V6 head work questions

RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
> Hey all,
> Happy new year....bad news is, as of midnight, your car is a year older!
Hmmm...I think mine hit the 5-yr-old mark in November!  And my boss
thinks that it's brand new.........

> I am looking at a 100CS that a fellow Qlister has found for me up in NY, and
> here's the bad news; it has bent valves.  The tensioner broke and thus a
> couple of valves made friends with the cylinders.  It has 100K on it, so if I
> get this fixed, i guess i should also do:
> -lifters
> -head gasgets
> -valve cover gasgets
> -timing belts (duh!)
> What else should i have done since the car will need it's heads pulled for the
> new valves?  I am interested in this car since it might be seriously
> discounted due to the status of the valves.  If the price stays real low, I am
> all over it.

Of course do the basic things like timing belt tensioners and water
If they're doing the rest of this stuff, it would probably save labor
costs later to change things like the thermostat(s), oxygen sensors, and
transmission fluid.
Also have them check out the tubes and hoses around the back of the
engine; there are a number of small vacuum hoses that get brittle and
break; also a number of other hoses (EGR-related?  I'm not sure) that
get filled with gunk.  And if you plan to do any upgrades like the
throttle body, when the engine is off would be the best time.  Make sure
that all of the pistons are OK, and none are scratched or dented
(duh)...they should have some sort of coating on them that's not
supposed to be removed.

Good luck!

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