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Re: Buzzing noise from fuel tank

In message <> Mike Arman writes:

> It takes me 45 minutes or so from opening the trunk to washing my hands
> clean for a fuel pump R&R. I've also tried taking out the screen - it mad> e
> no difference in the noise whatsoever, and the screen is stainless steel
> mesh and is TOUGH. You have to be sure to get ALL the little bits of
> cut-off screen out because if any get int the pump, they'll lock it up fo> r
> good.

I quite enjoyed replacing the Passat's pump.  I parked the car behind the
house in the sunshine, opened the rear doors and the hatch, and took out
the spare wheel.  I could sit very confortably with my feet in the spare
wheel well, a tankard of cider and the toolbox, and work on the pump
at leisure.  With that much ventilation, fumes were no issue.  I found
the R&R pretty easy first time - much less than an hour.  I made a
mistake reassembling, in that I forgot/omitted to make sure that the
hoses coming up from the pump to pass through the lid weren't fouling
the fuel gauge float.  I should have noticed that I'd done 300 miles
on half-full _before_ it ran out.

So I lifted the lid again, and rearranged the hoses.

 Phil Payne
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