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RE: 4000 MC conversion


Thanks for the info. 215/40-16 was the size I was going to try, even though
tire choices are pretty limited. I believe it's about .25" shorter and wider
than the 205/50-15 I'm currently running with all-season tires for the
winter. Believe it or not, the front actually rubs on very hard cornering
even with what I think is an extremely stiff suspension. Maybe a front strut
brace will help.

Thanks again,
Gary Kaklikian
'86 4kcsq
'86 5kcstq
'93 K1100RS (for sale)

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Gary Kaklikian wrote:

> 1)Anyone have any recommendations for a relatively light 16" wheel for
> car? What is the proper offset for this application? What is the largest
> size tire without fender flares? I've already rolled the fender lips. Tire
> Rack says 205/45-16 is the largest size, but I believe some have fitted
> larger sizes. And by the way, my car has been lowered about 1-1/2 inches.


I'm running 215/40-16's on my GT Coupe.  They're mounted on a 16"x7.5"
wheel using a 40mm offset.  Everything just fits in the front.  The back
is OK except when I have the trunk fully loaded (or people in the back
seat) and I hit a decent bump; then the left side tire will rub the
fender liner.

The car is currently lowered about an inch using an Eibach/Bilstein
combination.  It rides a bit firmly, but with a decent tire (I'm using
Pirelli P7000 Summer's) it provides more than enough traction to harness
the power of turbo converted GT.



'84 4kq
'85 turbo GT coupe
'89 200Q