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Re: Listers MIA!

"Hussey, Dan" wrote:

> I've been on this list a while and I've seen a lot of people come and go.  I
> thought I'd send off a list of once very active listers who now seem to be
> MIA.  Anyone know of thier whereabouts and if they've joined ranks with
> other non-Audi drivers?
> Ben Howell
> Chad Clark
> Brendan Rudack
> James Fawcett
> Dave Head
> Lee Levitt
> Eric Fletcher
> Bob D' Amato
> Paul Timmerman

Hi Dan. Still around... just recently rejoined the ranks of listdom. I was AWOL
for a while with the whole house building thing going on. Now that its almost
done, I have time to play again. Ive been in touch with most of the guys in your
list and they are doing well. I know Eric and Ben still have Q's, as a matter of
fact, Ben put in a V8 into his Ur.  He will be giving me tech tips on doing such
in my 4000 too...

You will probably see more (senseless) posts from me now that Im online again...
so keep in touch, and happy new year!