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FS: 1997 A4 1.8t

1st of all, I have un$ubbed from the q-list (still on 20v) because I
simply don't have time to sort through the e-mails right now with school
starting back and the new store opened.  So, direct all hate mail (for
what I'm about to say) and other correspondence to my e-mail address,

I have decided to sell my A4.  I know, now that I've put the wheels and
chip and springs on it, it seems silly, but I just must for personal
reasons, one of which being that a college student about to be in grad
school & struggling to feed himself has no business in a $27,000 car.
;-)  I'm still keeping the CQ, as it is now paid off and does not affect
my finances.  The bad news is that I am probably getting a p-car, a 968
to be exact as I have found a super deal on one -- i.e. it is in a price
range which is more practical for my situation.

As for the A4, I'm hoping the price is reasonable enough for a quick
sale.  The car is almost immaculate inside and out, there are no door
dings or scratches except for a little  place on the front bumper which
has been touched up as well as 1 or 2 very tiny stone chips on the hood
which are also touched up.  The car has the 1998.5 style turbo and
cooler lines (replaced under warranty), a TAP chip (stage 1), cool
polished stainless steel Brospeed exhaust tips (dual round), and Eibach
pro-kit springs which were installed by a top-notch shop and have no
squeaks or other problems.  The wheels are 17" Borbet type T's and the
tires are 225/45 ZR17 Bridgestone Potenza S02's with about 25-35% tread
remaining.  Depending on the deal, I could probably throw in another set
of slightly lower priced Z-rated tires as my company has wholesale
pricing through Tire Rack.

The car is fwd, automatic, both of which work against me I know, but is
still very fun to drive and the TAP chip is mighty fast, regardless of
what I think of Ivor.  The car has the Bose system with the factory
6-disc, the sport package, and the trip computer.  It of course has the
sunroof and keyless entry.  There is about 1 year and 4 months remaining
on the bumper to bumper warranty and free scheduled maint.  The car is
sitting on 33k right now.  The color is Cactus Green.

I am in Atlanta, and would consider delivery anywhere.  (note the key
word CONSIDER.  I'd love to see the west coast, for example, but I'm not
too into South Dakota.)  Asking price is $22,900 or best offer.  I paid
over $24,900  for it in March before any of the upgrades were made.  I
would say parts and labor for the "goodies" have cost me over $3500.

Chris Woodward
770-714-0433 or 770-640-6141