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fuel line, fuel pump relay, more heat!

Subject: '85 Coupe GT...

Fuel line leak - at bracket under battery - repair procedure
remove spare line from parts car
raise car, pinch fuel line, rip out old line
replacement is reverse of removal.

Go for quick test drive - hey, who put the 4 cyl fuel pump relay in this
thing?  Now I experience first hand the 5k rpm "brick wall".

on this litle drive, 7 miles, 10 deg F outside, this beater is making
HEAT.  I'm almost tempted to turn it down.  Now why can't my 82 do
that?  gotta be crap in the heater core/improper heater valve operation
or SOMETHING and I want to fix it.  No way the cars could be that
different, is there?

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT