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Buzzing noise from fuel tank

Mike - I generally use my mechanics estimates as I guide for my own 
amateur efforts.  He's not cheap, but he's given me a lot of free 
advice, so I'm willing to take an occasional beating.  Since you 
bothered to cut out your inlet screen, is that a fix you've heard of?  
Did you clean out the bottom of your tank?  Have you changed your filter 
since?  Might your pump have been worn out by the time you cut out the 

I work 200 miles from my home, and my career field is intolerant of 
tardiness.  Perhaps I'm not going to get away cheap this time, but it 
sounds like new pumps are going bad as much as old ones!  If my 
mechanic's theory is true, that would be a good explanation.  Thanks for 
your advice, I guess I'll pull my pump after all.


Scott - I have to raise my eyebrows on your mechanic's comments - 

It takes me 45 minutes or so from opening the trunk to washing my hands
clean for a fuel pump R&R. I've also tried taking out the screen - it 
no difference in the noise whatsoever, and the screen is stainless steel
mesh and is TOUGH. You have to be sure to get ALL the little bits of
cut-off screen out because if any get int the pump, they'll lock it up 

Getting the pump to re-seat correctly is very easy - line it up on the
three studs, give a gentle push, and it clicks into place.

I think 50 foot audibility is telling you, me and everyone else within
earshot that it is pump time . . .

He makes me curious about how much he charges for other fairly simple, 

Best Regards,

Mike Arman (and twirling wrenches is my hobby, NOT my business . . .) 

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