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RE: S6 Variations

"Hussey, Dan" <husseyd@rayovac.com> wrote:

>Late model S6+ (that's "plus", only offered in europe) had an all aluminim
>(3.7 liter?) V8 motor, six speed manual transmission, RS2-like interior
>treatments, and S8 titanium brakes!

>One we can add to the list that never made it on our side of the pond :(

Make that a 4.2. 326 hp, pretty good for a production car- never mind a
station wagon... indeed, 6-speed manual, 8jx17 w/255/40ZR17. Electronically
limited to 250 km/h. Nice front bumper, with discrete added air intakes.
Would make a nice addition for upgraded A6es (I shudder to think what this
low-volume quattro GmbH part would cost!). The brochure doesn't say 'Audi'
on the front, just 'quattro'.

I keep on picturing the golden retriever flattened against the rear screen.