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Chippin' away, one at a time.

Happy New Year to all my Friends_and_Fellow_Listers,

My rough idle is sooo much better, but not perfect. I wouldn't be a lister if
I didn't strive for perfection.

Here is what I have done so far. (86 4KS)

	 Cleaned ISV, seemed fine though. Moved freely, etc. Inspected all vac lines.
One broke during removal. The T shaped connector that branches ISV / Valve
Cover / Intake. Replaced it. (Someone told me to check this connector - guess
he was right - probably broke 'cause it was toast). Also replaced plastic
dipstick seat. That seemed to improve things greatly. 

      Inspected cap & rotor although mechanic tuned this thing a few mos. ago.
Found buildup on cap contacts and rotor. Cleaned these deposits best I could
pending replacement. This also seems to have improved things.

Now, instead of a dipping, surging idle, the car idles smooth as silk
most_of_the_time. Occasionally, get rough engine vibration at stop lights,
etc. and a few RPM dips while clutching.

Anyone know where this intermittent roughness is coming from? Cannot isolate
the circumstance of occurrence. No common factor that I can determine.
Seemingly random. Unlike a fellow lister in 1998 demanded, I_will_accept
approximate reasoning. Otherwise, what fun would this whole thing be?

I want to thank all you guys for the great friendship, entertainment and
enlightenment you have shown me in 1998. Especially Phil Payne, who responded
to someone on the Audi Newsgroup with information regarding this list. Had I
not read Phil's reply, I never would have found the great resource this list

Again, Happy New Year to all,