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Thanks _again_!

I just got back from Roger Galvin's place.

He commented a while back that his 200TQ continually misted up.  I
spotted a post by Orin Eman on 29 September that seemed to address
the issue - so I forwarded it to him.  It took him until today to
get around to stripping the glovebox out and looking at the flap.

I also printed off Scott Mockry's page on the same subject.  In Roger's
case, the spring is completely absent and the seal had almost fallen
off.  Some adhesive, and a spring out of the 'bits box', and he's
back in business.

Or, rather, in business for the first time.  He's had the car (on and
off) for three and a half years.  It has _always_ misted up.
Discovering that a simple spring from his own bits box could fix the
problem caused an outbreak of what we call 'choice' language.

Roger asked me to express public thanks to Orin and Scott.

 Phil Payne
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