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Re: Chippin' away, one at a time.

In a message dated 1/1/99 9:10:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, rmyers@inetone.net

<< A suggestion: check out the WOT switch.  It is actually two switches.  One
 half should close at idle and open anywhere above idle.  The other half
 should be open at idle and close at about 80-85% of WOT.  You may have an
 intermittent idle side.  The WOT switch is located on the shaft rotated by
 the throttle cable.  It's on the other side of the throttlebody from the
 cable quadrant.  Disconnect the electricals and test resistances as a
 function of throttle position. >>


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am well aware of where the WOT
switch is (many discussions on this list)  and have tried to test it a few
times. Can't decide if it affects idle or not, although never tested
resistance. Just played with it while engine is running. Sounds like a good
thing to focus some attention on.

Thanks again & Happy New Year,