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One theory on the dialynx warping...

I have decided not to buy dialynx headers, the answers I got was very clear
their quality :-)

When my stock K26 finally gave up I was checking for replacements in the US,
luckiliy most suppliers didn't have any on stock for the moment. That lead
to a lot of calling around, when I called Turbo City they said that the
200tq -85 and the 5Ktq -85 uses different units, they could get the european
as a new unit but not as a rebuilt! (1800$!) Turbo City didn't now the
difference between them, but the KKK part no is 5326-970-6411 for the
european unit and 5326-970-6412 in the US. I got the turbo form a swedish
supplier who by the way, knew that the 6412 has a bit smaller turbine
housing to get boost a few hundred rpms earlier. Usually a smaller turbine
housing makes the headers and turbine hotter.

I know that that the headers warp in th UK as well, but it is very tempting
to save some cash getting the replacement turbo from the US.

Jörgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden
Audi 200 TQ -85