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HELP! - 4ks pulley needed in Syracuse

Hi people,

I have a 86 4ks with a bad pulley. It's the first pulley off the crank and
turns the alternator and water pump.  The design is two piece with an
internal rubber ring "dampener thingy" that has failed allowing the outer
pulley to spin around the inner hub.  My water pump and alternator do not
like this at all.

So (of course) it is a holiday weekend, no one is around, it is 3 degrees
outside, and the dealer quoted me $324 (for a @#%&*@ pulley ?????),  And
classes start on Monday, Oh and by the way I love to lay on my back in the
driveway - I just can't wait for the big storm we are getting today! Oh -
what fun!

So - there MUST be a 1.8 core around Syracuse (at someones house? a small
import garage? ) with a pulley on it.  If anyone has any idea where I can
find one of these things I would REALLY appreciate an e-mail or a call at


Scott McPherson

P.S.  There is a audi guy in the Utica area I think who does mainly used
Q's.  Anyone have his # ??

P.S. Hey - I just had an idea - does anyone know if the VW 1.8 pulley is the
same?? (my audi part # is 026 105 243C)