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More unobtainium

I've been trying to source the parts that were stolen from my Passat
the other day.  The glass for the window was easy (from a scrapper) -
but according to VAG (UK) _ALL_ of the other parts are made of
unobtainium.  This includes the actual rubber mounting 'grommet', and
the chrome strips and clips - five part numbers in all.  The official
response to # 327 845 322F is: "Status not available".

This looks less like incompetence (although VAG UK set records for
incompetence in spares management) and more like design.

It's starting to look very much like VAG (UK) wants all cars older than
ten years _off_ the road.  Very much at variance with their product
placement in "Sleeper".

As far as I can tell, VAG's recommendation is that I scrap the Passat.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 01536 723021
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