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studded hakka 1s for sale

Well, my wife has decreed that she doesn't like the studded
tires on the CGT, so I'm putting them up for sale. (too noisy
for everyday driving, as she has a long commute).

Here is the offer:

1 set of 4 mounted, balanced Nokian Hakkapellitta 1s snows,
size 175/70/14 ("stock" or "winter" size for the 4000q/80q)
mounted on 5000s rims, will fit 4000q/80q/late CGT.
Studded with the more expensive "ecostud" system.
Little wear, used for about 1000 miles or so.  (I can measure
tread depth but I'm not sure how accurate this would be)
The tires look like new and I'm sure the studs help with
tire wear.

These are not the old Hakka 10s you are used to seeing, but
the new and improved Hakka 1, more stable at speed, quieter,
longer lasting, and better in the snow too.

Priced for quick sale at $400.  The tires alone were $80 or
so each, not including wheels, studding, or m/b.  They were 
purchased at G+G (www.snowtyres.com)

Price does not include shipping.  Local buyers would be great
but I'm willing to ship as well.
Dan Simoes                                dans@ans.net
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