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Diesel Question

OK, it's not strictly (or even slightly) Quattro related, but I thought
this group might be able to help...

To help me get my 5K's out of my driveway, I've got an old ('81) Satoh
diesel 3 Cyl tractor; sort of a Kubota clone.  It has a Bosch fuel
injection system (totally mechanical but in some ways similar to the

The problem is that after running for a while, say 45 min-1hr in cool
weather, it will loose power, and pulling the throttle barely keeps the
engine going...  I've checked for air leaks in the fuel hoses (sounds
like this could be it) and replaced some marginal hoses, but no luck.
(this is a gravity feed fuel system)  With the engine warm the problem
persists on restarts.  But once cool, things are back to normal, at
least until it gets hot again.

Anyone out here seen a book for the Bosch tractor diesel system?  (I
assume it is a bit different than the car one since the tractor one
appears to have a build in govenor, it trys to keep to whatever rpm you
set the thing to)   Anyone out there have a guess as to the problem?