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Re: timing belt questions

How will he set the belt tension then? I would suggest that he remove
the water pump, clean the face of the block and replace the o-ring water
pump seal if he really can't get the pump. However, there really is no
excuse not to change the idler and the pump. I just got everything
including the belt and a camshaft seal for $80 from Rod at TPC.

R Justin Andrews wrote:
> Do yourself a favor.... if you are not going to replace the wp....
> Don't touch any of the wp bolts!!
> I had to change my cam belt on my 4kq 2.2 on the side of the highway
> and just slid it into place on the cam w/o lossening anything..
> IF you loosen the water pump It WILL leak....
> You WILL regret it I PROMISE!!
> Rich Andrews