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Cooling Fan Won't Quit

I have a problem with my '87 5KCSTQ. Started it yesterday to warm it up as
we had had sub zero weather and the cooling fan came on, high speed mode
just before I shut the car off. I assumed it would go off after cooling
down. I guess it didn't because today when I went to start it the batery was
dead and as soon as I put the cables on to jump it the fan started running.
Pulled the relay in the fuse box and that would not shut it down so I pulled
the panel under the dash to get at the other relay. I just wiggled it and
the fan stopped. I had this problem once before and only got rid of it after
replacing the relay unser the dash and the fan itself.

Question for the list. Is it just the relay or the relay connections or am I
going to end up replacing the fan again? Any suggestions would be
appreciated. Anyone BTDT?


Grant Eckfeldt
'87 5KCSTQ
'91 200QW