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RE: aux coolant pump (was Re: post holiday/pre holiday excitement)

... given the fact that once the hoses are off the pump they allow more
flexing I don't think you really need to worry about having the proper bend.
What is more important is having the proper diameter ... there are different
diameter hoses in most cars I've seen.  As I've mentioned before, here in
the USA Prestone sells a "flush-n-fill" kit for a pretty reasonable amount
which has in-line fittings for hoses of several diameters.  

I suppose another alternative would be to have a length of hose in the trunk
that you could use to run from the other terminal points for the aux coolant
hoses ... 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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> Subject: 	aux coolant pump (was Re: post holiday/pre holiday
> excitement)
> I'm probably overdue with respect to aux coolant pump failure (104K) and
> have been thinking about a proper bypass to keep handy when it lets go. It
> looks like a 1/2" 90 deg (copper) elbow would be about right--or would
> 3/4"
> dia. be better?
> Phil R.
> '91 200q
> >Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 08:17:30 -0800
> >From: Wolff <quattro200@earthlink.net>
> >Subject: Re: post holiday/pre holiday excitement....
> >
> >If you happen to be driving in town (25 mph) and happen to be looking in
> >the mirror when the aux coolant pump lets go, you get to see a foot wide
> >by 30 foot long (how long it takes to shut down) splash of coolant
> >behind you on the road. BTDT recently. I now have a small length of pipe
> >to use as a bypass stored in the car for when the new pump lets go.
> >It'll be about 8 years before this car needs it I figure.  Rad and
> >coolant pump both have let go recently, so I think age comes into it as
> >much as mileage (95k here).
> >Wolff
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