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Re:200q hydraulic pump

Our Canadian exchange rate is definitely against us.  A year and a half ago
I got a rebuilt for 395 Cnd with a three year garantee from my mechanic
near Calgary. I can check with him if you would like. I know he has stopped
bringing in some stuff due to exchane rate too. You could try Candadian
tire.  I don't think they have pumps but worth a try. They did have the
racks believe it or not. 


>Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 10:45:58 -0600
>From: "Don & Lori" <dell@pangea.ca>
>Subject: 200q hydraulic pump
 now they recommend remanufactured
>pumps at 387 dollars usfunds, 600 cdn.  comes 
>with one year guarantee.  plus 40 dollars to install.

>any advice apprec.
>1990 200q.