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Re: [OT] Pioneer stereo question

	i dunno about this, but there currently is a system
	that allows for statiobs (with the right gear) to
	encode their signals with their call letters.  some
	stereos out there are able to recieve the encoded
	signal.  it's pretty nifty, albeit a little 

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Ken Keith wrote:

-]Okay, a friend of mine was showing off his stereo 
-]system in his Jetta, and he had a Pioneer CD player.
-]He said that it could connect to a satellite or 
-]something, and if he programmed what city, he could 
-]listen to the local stations in that city. 
-]I didn't get a chance to pursue the subject, but 
-]I'm not thinking that it would be pretty darn 
-]sophisticated if it could do that.
-]Perhaps it just had a little microchip that had the 
-]call letters for all frequencies based on what 
-]city?  Because I really doubt the unit was communicating 
-]with some kind of satellite.
-]Could it be?

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