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Re: wishbone pivot bushes

> Correct!
> if it is tightened in the air when you set it down it puts constant 
> pressure on the rubber in the bushing which will prematurely tear them
> IMO... I just had the car on jack stands and tightened it after I 
> put the floor jack under the control arm and rasied it to where the car was 
> loaded on the suspension (control arm) my control arm bushings are still
> looking great...

Yes, that's the reason.  The bushings do not rotate once torqued.
Movement of the suspension is accomodated by the rubber twisting.
If you torque it with the suspension drooped, the bushing will twist
too much and crack and tear early. 

If you have some ramps, you can always put the wheels on and
lower the car onto the ramps for this step.

Jacking the suspension up to it's normal position is another option
and I suppose you could put jack stands under the ball joint end
of the A-arm and lower the car onto them for the same effect.

BTW, the Bentley says you must put a 5k on its wheels to put the
front swaybar in... they are right there for sure.  No way would
it go in with the wheels in the air.  Had to use the ramps for
that one!  Problem with ramps is you may not be able to drive
off them if the car is lowered (fortunately not in my case).