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kitty litter blues - leakin' fuel

	it's what i have to use in the garage.  see, my urq
	leaks gasoline.  sometimes, not always, and i am just
	about sure i see a pattern.  the more i drive it (did
	about 200 miles this weekend, most of it 80+mph, some
	nice twisties on the way home) themore leaks. i think
	the day after i came home from the trip there must
	have been a quater to a half a cup that had leaked
	out.  this is in my garage, with is flat.  after a
	good 60 mile run it sat in my parents driveway, basic
	incline with the front higher than the rear, for 
	three days with no leak whatsoever.

	got him up on the jack tonight and took a look.  the
	leak comes from a sort of large rubber or plastic black
	disk.  the disk fills a hole in the frame and has slots
	in it that allow for vaccuum and fuel lines to pass 
	through it.  the black fabricy hose that comes thru
	it was soaked with gasoline - this hose connects to 
	a much smaller tube-like hose next to the fuel pump,
	and it's that black fabricy hose similar to the style
	used uner the hood for vacuum lines except it's larger
	in diameter.  uses standard hose clamps.  they don't 
	seem to be fuel lines, though - there is a rubber hose
	down there that connects to an off-white plastic cup
	with more hose from the cup to the what i believe is
	the fuel pump - i think the cup is the filter.

	anyway, first question is any btdt's?  i'm hoping it's
	just a lose clamp, and dreading having to find out.
	there's a nice carpeted board fitted vertically in the
	trunk, behind the fuel tank, that has all the car's
	audio gear on it.  well, just an amp and xovers, but
	i i have to disconnect all that to get the carpets out
	and then get to the tank and from having done that 
	before i think i'd have to remove the tank to even 
	look at where this disk thing is.  this could be a 
	good excuse to get the amp hooked in via some kind 
	of multi-conncetor plug and harness rather than the
	typical collection of wires.  it would certainly
	make removal more tolerable.  also this would probably
	be a good time to change the fuel filter we have been
	hearing so much about.  the pump seems to be fine but 
	isthe original pump and i was thinking that it might
	be prudent to replace it - i'm at nearly 113k miles.

	anyway, anyone have any gas leaks before?  is there a
	weak link somewhere in the chain where leaks are
	typical?  thanx in advance.

 rocky mullin
 two strokes are faster than four!
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